Lessons in Leadership Development

What makes a leader “great”?

 This term is frequently asked and discussed by many people in organizations, professional forums or researched by researchers.

Leading an organization or a group is harder than it looks. Leadership role makes a person all alone, as the masses are dependent on you to make a difference. Some of the lessons in leadership development will help the leader or manager to get better at his job.

1. To Lead through Shared Vision

A leader should have a clear direction and must not be running in unchartered boundaries without clear indication about the future. A leader must engage others in their vision and the masses/groups must share their goals to be achieved. A leader needs to connect to its people deeply. The best leader observes the human condition and makes the people share their vision.

2. Character of a Leader is Crucial

A leader is someone you can trust. A leader is not only a trustworthy individual but honest and upright in his dealings. A better leader is someone who develops competence and character of people as well. Leadership is a skill no one is expected to know everything but there are certain moments where a leader needs to say “I don’t know.” However, the leader must have the commitment to learn about it and convey it to the team. A leader must listen to its people directly and concentrate on their needs. A leader should not tell them what to do; rather a leader needs to create circumstances within which people perform at their best. You need to trust your team and in return your team will trust you back.

3. Take Risks

A leader can develop through taking risk. A great leader knows that winning will bring some gain but needs to understand that losing is part of the game as well. A leader doesn’t fear the loss as in every experience, he gains something new.

4. Demonstrate Passion

A leader at every level must demonstrate his passion through which he will be able to find the solution to the biggest or the most difficult situation. A great leader focuses on the work and makes his passion speak through his work.

5.  Stand up for What you Believe in

A great leader has the courage to stand up for what he believes in. The leader gathers people who share the same belief and speaks up even if the world is against them. Most of the leaders have achieved their determination through standing up for a cause or belief.

6.  Face Criticism

The leader has to face criticism all the time, especially when things go wrong. He has the biggest responsibility and everyone does not agree with him. He faces the criticism and keeps his head strong. Through his inspiring abilities, he is able to convince the people. He doesn’t react to criticism with a reactive approach but strategically handles all the negative energies around him. Hence, it can be safely stated that leadership development takes courage and patience. Everyone will not cheer for you but a good leader is focused, and that is his greatest skill and asset.