Our Brand

The descending flight of an eagle represents the abilities to identify its prey from a far distance in the sky and catch the target while diving in high speed with pinpoint accuracy. During the flight, the muscles in the eyes continuously adjust the curvature of the eyeballs to maintain sharp focus and accurate perception throughout the approach and attack.

This is the analogy that we believe best describes IKL’s training programs. Our thirst quenching modules are based on the feedback we receive and the research conducted to feel the pulse of the market. This helps organizations keep the distinctive advantages alive.

IKLs’ distinction is our vision, strategic thinking, and continuous effort for improvement, enabling us in creating an enriching environment for all.

Our logo

Passion and dedication towards achieving goals and growth as the overemphasizing objective of our training philosophy is represented in ‘red’.

The ‘blue’ has been used to express the importance of excellence. Be it personal or organizational.

The ‘sky blue’ represents the strategic and visionary leadership, which eventually takes the growth of an organization to the ultimate heights, as in the sky.

At IKL, all of these elements are brought to life to ensure consistent growth, with mastery and excellence to take organization and individuals to the sky.