Strategy, Leadership Training Courses

Leadership and management are very important for success in the 21st century organization. Together, they make the highest level of commitment and employee engagement. While the significant difference among management and leadership proliferate, the line seems to be blurred on many fronts revealing new business realities, and changing the environment to cope with. The individuals joining IKL’s Strategy and Leadership courses will explore the emerging themes firsthand. They will have the opportunity to get and leverage the skills, techniques in leadership, problem solving, communication and other recognized areas that have distinguished IKL Training over the years.

The Leadership Challenge How to make extraordinary things happen in organizations

Learning Investment:US $2999

Strategic Talent Leadership

Learning Investment:US $1799

Government Excellence System

Learning Investment:US $3499

Business Acumen

Learning Investment:US $1799

High Performance Leadership

Learning Investment:US $999

Business Analysis Professional

Learning Investment:US $3499

Organizational Development

Learning Investment:US $1799

Future Leaders Development Program

Leadership is about acting on the challenges facing us in our organizations and communities and learning from th...

Module 1 Leadership What is it and are you part of it

The leadership model presented in this module is based on the idea that leadership is what we do – or don&...

Module 2 The challenges of leadership

Leadership begins with a challenge. It happens when someone does something useful in a challenging situation. Th...

Module 3 The Context of Leadership

Why do some initiatives work while others, equally promising, fail? Why is person’s track record in one or...

Module 4 The Characteristics of Leadership

The Characteristicsdomain of the “3 Cs” model of leadership refers to the qualities, attributes, abi...

Module 5 Practice 1: Leading yourself

Leading yourself means adopting a learning attitude to everything.

For every action you take, you wonder ...

Module 6 Practice 2: Being on purpose

The critical work of leadership requires people who do things on purpose. Finding our own purposes in life and w...

Module 7 Practice 3: Power

Nothing gets done without power. And power is exercised most effectively by those with a strong will and determi...

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