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Accessing our Site

As stated, and or/ their licensors have the intellectual property rights of all of the information that is displayed on the website and all the materials that are available on As per the license given below, the property rights of the information are all reserved. The contents available on the website can be viewed, downloaded and printed for the personal use keeping in mind the set standards of the restrictions in the terms and conditions.

  • The access to the website is available on temporary basis and the organization has legitimate rights to withdraw the service at any time without giving any prior notice. The organization is not liable to give any of the reason if at any time period the website is unavailable.
  • The website has rights to restrict certain elements of the information as the privacy for those visitors that have already registered with us.
  • The information such as the code you are given, identification or any passwords that are in case sensitive and are for security purpose must not be shared with any third party and needs to be treated as confidential. The organization has the rights to disable any such user who failed to fulfill any of our terms and conditions.
  • It’s your duty to assure that any of the users who is going to access our website by using your internet connection must comply with all of our terms and conditions to avoid any kind of inconvenience in future.
  • You are not supposed to re-publish, print or republication any of the material on any of the website neither social media nor print media.
  • You must not sell or rent any of the material that is available on the website

Acceptable Use

The website must not be used if it causes or it may cause any damage to the website or it diminishes the accessibility of It shouldn’t be used in any such way that is considered as illegal, unauthorized, falsified, and destructive or in relation with any illegitimate activity. The website must not be used to store, send, transmit, publish, host or distribute the information that is consisted of (or related to) spyware.

You are not supposed to conduct any activity through which data or information can be collected or any such thing that has relation to the website written material and content. This may include:

  • Mining of the data
  • Extraction of the data
  • Framing of the data
  • Harvesting of the data
  • Spinning of the articles
  • Scratching of the data

The website material or content must not be used to share or transfer any unwanted money-making communication.

The website should not be used for any activities that include marketing and for which content consent is needed of

Restricted Access

The certain areas are restricted on the website. has the legitimate rights to restrict the access, or as per our preference, the website can be changed or modified without giving any notice.

If has provided you with any identification or any code to access the restricted area or for accessing any of the services then that user must keep all of the provided information confidential. You yourself are responsible for ensuring all the security that we have provided you. can deactivate any user identification or passwords that are given at sole decision without giving any justification.

User Content

“User Content” in terms and conditions means all the material that is available to you without any restriction and anything that is shared by you on the website that could be images, video materials, text etc. you contribute to, a worldwide, irreversible, non-exclusive, to use, replication, adaptation, translation and distribution of your content in any media. You also contribute to the rights to pass on any action for the violation of the rights.

Your own user content should not be illegal, should not violate the rule of any third party and should not rise to legal action even if it is against you or or any third party (as per the laws). as per the terms and conditions has the rights to rephrase or remove any of the information that is shared on the website or that is stored on the servers of or that is being published on the website.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

Without prejudgment under the terms and conditions, if you breach in any way with the terms and conditions has the rights to take any action such as it may consider to deal with breach, that may suspend your access to the website, may prohibit you to access to the website, may block your IP address to access on the website, prohibit you from sending request to our service provider that your identification is being blocked on the website and/or taking proceeding of the court against you.

Variation can revise the terms and conditions over the period of time. The revised terms and conditions shall apply to the very first day when the content has been published on the website. So it is your responsibility that you visit the page regularly and are familiar with the latest version of the terms and conditions.

Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions along with the privacy of establish the complete agreement among the visitors and along with your use on the website and replace all the preceding agreements with respect to your use on the website. Details

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