Flagship Outbound

Our Flagship Outbound programs are aimed at imparting important and crucial management concepts to participants through Experiential Learning away from their workplace into the outdoors.

These programs help improve teamwork, leadership skills, conflict management, interpersonal skills, and communication skills of the participants and help forge partnership and alliances between the various functions of the organization.

Our Outbound Program Specialists work closely with the client to assess the exact training needs, the rationale behind the training, budget, time and other logistics and offer a variety of appropriate solutions.

We have developed more than 100 Outbound activities for this purpose which can be made part of these Outbound Programs.

Our Outbound specialists have expertise in planning, organizing, and executing these activities in all kinds of terrains.

Safety and health and security of participants and other allied staff is the primary concern of our team and all precautionary measures are taken to avoid any eventuality barring of course natural disasters.

We offer Outbound Programs in the following areas but not limited to