Public Programs

A doorway to infinite possibilities is what we open through IKL's Open Enrollment Programs.

IKL offers highly demanded open enrollment programs that normally run for three days. If you are looking for the best corporate training in Dubai, IKL is the place for you. IKL's OEPs are not run-of-the-mill mass market training workshops – they focus on specific skill set development and a broader general management perspective, based on experiential learning and interactive exchange. 

The range is as long as the Nile itself – from technical and soft management skills for front line officers to leadership and strategic management courses for Senior Management. Add the valuable element of peer networking and camaraderie to the cross industry learning experience, and you have IKL's Open Enrollment Programs that offer unparalleled corporate training and development opportunities. Effective corporate training programs play a vital role in taking a business to the next level. IKL's public training programs have been devised keeping the modern requirements of the corporate world in view. With over 15 year experience in corporate training, we understand the requirements of corporate world well and offer them the best training solutions as per their requirements.