The Role of CFO as Strategic Partner

Course Overview

The growing prominence of CFOs as decision makers in the business continue to be evident with the number of chief financial officers being promoted to the CEO role. More like great chess players, today’s CFOs have to go beyond being linear thinkers—focused on the next step to capture a pawn or bishop on the board— to being strategic thinkers who plan multiple moves ahead and even encourage competitor reaction in a predictive way.

The role of CFO as a strategic partner makes it jump from linear to strategic thinking, offering frameworks, real cases, and engaged discussion with other peers. The role expected of these financial leaders encompasses much more than overseeing their firm’s profit and loss statement. They are expected to be positioned as vital contributors to their company’s long-term strategy.

CFO Training Course will equips you with a new toolset to help you more effectively on the cost control and grow your organization by making the right investments for the future. Our trainers helps you leverage your financial acumen in new ways, to better understand the strategic opportunities before you and communicate to business partners what matters and what does not when considering a new path forward.

This program will elevate your role to “vale integrator.” The value integrator takes unstructured and ambiguous situations by putting the structures around by integrating the information from multiple internal sources. You will be able to enhance the ability of forecasting, measuring and monitoring the business performance, managing the risk and generating the predictive insights.

Course Objectives

  • Show the link between corporate strategy and value creation
  • Enhance your strategic thinking skills outside traditional areas such as accounting and finance
  • Bolster your leadership skills to better communicate with nonfinancial colleagues
  • Become a better decision maker who can assess disparate data from many areas of your company and help the CEO, board, and other leaders to create a long-term path forward

Course Content

  • To develop the relationship between corporate strategy and value creation: Driving the organic revenue growth
  • Critical thinking
  • To develop the relationship between corporate strategy and value creation: Performance measurement
  • Building and sustaining competitive advantage
  • Real options
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic persuasion
  • Designing the corporate portfolio

Course Methodology

The training is going to be highly interactive combination of lectures, group discussions, questionnaires, individual reflections, role plays, simulations and videos

Target Audience

CFO Training Course in Dubai is targeting the personnel of chief financial officers, senior financial executives, controllers and vice presidents who are having the financial and strategic responsibilities


2 Days (08:30–14:30) with appropriate breaks for tea/refreshments and lunch.

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