Assertiveness and Persuasiveness

Course Overview

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is challenging to express our ideas assertively in a collaborative way. Not only do we require   technical competence but also we need to articulate and express our views with confidence and impact to influence others to get us the results we want. We are also judged all the time by the way we communicate. And the way we communicate, verbally and nonverbally, sends out a strong image of ourselves; it reflects our intelligence, effectiveness and sensitivity to the world around us.  

Even at our workplace, we need to influence the behavior and decision making of peers, reports and superiors and persuade others to agree with our ideas and point of view. Whether upwards or sideways within your own organization, or with external clients or suppliers, there will be times when you want people to see things from your point of view.

This course will increase learner’s awareness of the impact they have on others and help them to develop practical skills and techniques to become more proficient influencer and persuaders.

Course Objectives

The workshop will enable the participants to:

  • Understand why some negotiations are successful and why others are not
  • Define appropriate negotiation approach and adapt to the situation
  • Manage through the negotiation process and map complex negotiations
  • Enhance their negotiation competences in a multi-cultural context

Course Content   

  • Introduction and understanding each other’s expectations
  • Understanding your negotiating style  
  • Understanding your interests and rights
  • Understanding the power of disputing
  • Cross-cultural negotiation and the related challenges
  • Case study/Exercise/team activity
  • Distributive and problem-solving negotiations 
  • Bargaining zones and aspirations
  • Power, persuasion and ethics
  • Tacit negotiations and social dilemmas
  • Third party interventions
  • Case study/Exercise/team activity
  • (Coaching session after 1 week)
  • Comprehensive case feedback
  • Understanding the applicability of the learning
  • Training feedback  
  • Self-evaluation

Course Methodology

The training is going to be highly interactive combination of lectures, group discussions, questionnaires, individual reflections, role plays, simulations and videos.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for professionals and practitioners from a wide range of spectrum from the leading domains of Business, Government, Academia and Society.


2 Days (08:30–14:30) with appropriate breaks for tea/refreshments and lunch.

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