Personal Excellence

Course Overview

With increasing stress and multiple demands, managers need help in maintaining and raising the level of their excellence. This coursesynthesizes various managerial skills familiarizes the participants with the useful behavioral concepts and aids for the personal development of a broad spectrum of managers. It consists of five modules and each has a cluster of skills with self-assessment questionnaires and certain tips.

Course Objectives

  • These tips given in the course are aimed not only to help individuals assess their skills but also to provide practical techniques in applying those skills.
  • These tips will help in handling real-life situations and developing first class managerial skills, which are the keys to a productive workplace.
  • This would in turn enable one to understand and plan changes to achieve the best results, especially in terms of how to bring out the best in people by understanding basic human needs and thus encouraging individuals’ initiative.

Course Content

Module A Managerial Skills

  • Planning—Key to Achievements
  • Why Do Managers Resist Planning?
  • Decision-Making
  • What are the Odds?
  • What is Your Style of Decision-Making?
  • Be a Manager or a Leader
  • Possess Leadership Potential
  • Is Good Management Leadership?
  • Can I Lead in a Better Way?
  • Sharpen Supervisory Skills
  • Is Delegation an Essential Element of a Manager’s Job?
  • Demonstrate ‘Initiative’ If You Want to Be Delegated
  • Win in Conflict Situations
  • Be Creative
  • Be Innovative
  • Are You a Creative Thinker?
  • What Do Managers Do?

Module B Communication Skills

  • The Art of Getting Your Message Across
  • Importance of Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Final Message
  • Are You Communicating Effectively?
  • The 3 Ps of Presentation
  • Are You Able to Attract Audience?
  • Body Language—An Indispensable Tool in Communication
  • Body Language
  • Be a Good Listener
  • Do I Possess the Listening Skills?

Module C Group Dynamics Skills

  • Skilled Interviewing
  • Do You Emerge as an Effective Interviewer?
  • Successful Meetings
  • Positive Course of Action in Running a Meeting
  • Participative Meeting
  • Effective Teamwork—The Foundation of Successful Management
  • Getting the Best from People
  • The Maslow Hierarchy
  • What Makes Workplace Teams Effective?
  • Can You Handle People?
  • Can You Make People Gladly Do What You Want?
  • Dealing with Demotivated People
  • Envious of Co-Workers
  • Work Groups Increase Productivity
  • Win People During Appraisals
  • Conflict with the Boss
  • How Do You Give the Feedback?
  • Would You Like to Win an Argument?
  • What’s Your Style?

Module D Environment Management Skills

  • Be Successful in the Global World
  • Impression Management—Organizational Politics
  • How Things Go Wrong and How to Put Them Right?
  • Are You a Crisis Manager?
  • How Well Can You Manage Your Boss?

Module E Self-Enhancement Skills

  • Positive Attitude
  • Be a Winner
  • Have a Constructive Approach
  • Choosing How You Perceive
  • Self-control Leads to Perfection
  • Have the Courage to Think for Yourself
  • Self-monitoring
  • Anger Management
  • Live a Stress-free Life
  • Analysis of Emotions

Course Methodology

The training is going to be highly interactive combination of lectures, group discussions, questionnaires, individual reflections, role plays, simulations and videos.

Target Audience

Managers from all functions


2 days (08:30–14:30) with appropriate breaks for tea/refreshments and lunch

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