Future Leaders Development Program

Course Overview

Leadership is about acting on the challenges facing us in our organizations and communities and learning from that experience.

The perspective of this program is on leadership through action learning. As good leadership has become more important, the need for this approach has become clearer. Action learning encourages us to resolve our own problems, by cautioning against reliance on experts or saviors and stressing the importance of allies, colleagues and friends.

Leadership means moving towards difficult and challenging situations, and not avoiding them, even when we have no clear idea of how to proceed. Without action there is no leadership, and, without learning, leadership will soon falter. Action learning proceeds via “questioning insight” – fresh questions bring different understandings that can prompt new actions. This program will help you to prioritize your leadership challenges and help you to get started on them by providing tools and resources for action and learning.

Course Content

Part 1: The Challenges, Context and Characteristics of Leadership

Module 1 Leadership: What is it and are you part of it?

Module 2 The challenges of leadership

Module 3 The context of leadership

Module 4 The characteristics of leadership

Part 2: 7 Leadership Practices

Module 5 Practice 1: Leading yourself

Module 6 Practice 2: Being on purpose

Module 7 Practice 3: Power

Module 8 Practice 4: Risk

Module 9 Practice 5: Challenging questions

Module 10 Practice 6: Facilitation

Module 11 Practice 7: Networking

Part 3: Developing Leadership

Module 12 Developing leadership in individuals and organizations

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