Module 2 The challenges of leadership

Course Overview

Leadership begins with a challenge. It happens when someone does something useful in a challenging situation. This module is about taking stock of the challenges in your situation that require leadership. It will help you to answer these questions:

  • What are your current challenges?
  • How well do you understand them?
  • And what can you do about them?

The module has two parts:

  • Part A: Assessing your leadership challenges, describes 14 key leadership challenges and invites you to assess yourself and your situation: which challenges are you facing now or are likely to be in the near future?
  • Part B: Getting started on your leadership challenges, asks you first to put your challenges in priority order and then provides an Action Learning Process that can be applied to any challenge to help you to get started.

Module Content

Part A: Assessing your leadership challenges

  • Challenge 1: Finding direction and strategy
  • Challenge 2: Creating a learning organization
  • Challenge 3: New organizational structures
  • Challenge 4: Powerful teams
  • Challenge 5: Crafting cultures of innovation
  • Challenge 6: Fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Challenge 7: Promoting partnerships
  • Challenge 8: Improving work processes
  • Challenge 9: Streamlining
  • Challenge 10: Encouraging social responsibility
  • Challenge 11: Mobilizing knowledge
  • Challenge 12: Leading in networks
  • Challenge 13: Managing mergers
  • Challenge 14: Making major change.

Part B: Getting started on your leadership challenges

  • Prioritizing your leadership challenges
  • Weighing up your priority rankings
  • Taking the lead on your challenge

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